Upgrade your workspace

Open Space offers both Virtual and Physical Space for businesses to grow and excel in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Serviced Offices

From established businesses to start up's we have the space for you. Fully serviced offices offer flexibility and peace of mind because we manage your offices so you don't have to.

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Virtual Office

Virtual Office is a cost effective and flexible way to work from home or a distance whilst maintaining a professional local presence.

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Meeting Rooms

Professional Meeting spaces for consultations up to conferences. Benefitting from complimentary refreshments, presentation equipment, AC, onsite parking & catering options.

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Client Case Studies

[divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”20″][testimonial_slider style=”default” star_rating_color=”accent-color” autorotate=”10000″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723060-6″ tab_id=”1562852723061-2″ name=”Paul Urmston” subtitle=”Fresh Approach Financial planning” quote=”Open Space has allowed me the freedom to build my business with a simple monthly bill that covers everything I need. After 10 years of working from home and providing an exclusive home visit service, I am now changing my business model and have had great feedback from clients, on the modern and clean feel, when they enter the building. Most of my clients now come in to see me and this is helping drive efficiencies in my time, that are more than compensating any initial worries about taking on a rental lease. I believe Open Space genuinely care about their business and the management team genuinely want their tenants to have the right space. I’m certainly happy, as not only is my business growing, my home and work life balance is now exactly where it should be.”][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723140-5″ tab_id=”1562852723141-2″ name=”Amanda Woods” subtitle=”Frodshams Solicitors” quote=”Open Space has given us a unique opportunity to establish ourselves and grow our client base in the Worcestershire Area. We have found the perfect location here and our actual move into our new office was quick, within one week of enquiring, and seamless because all the infrastructure is in place and maintained by the Open Space Team; we were open and ready for business immediately.
Open Space allows us to run our business without spending our time on the practicalities of running an office. Open Space manage the administration and associated costs for our energy bills, our internet and telephone lines and the flexibility of the letting terms give us peace of mind and allow us to grow our business in this area without committing to a lengthy rental agreement. Sarah is always on hand, no request is too small and she provides help and support when we need it and even sometimes when we don’t realise we need it.”][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723191-1″ name=”Scott Whittaker” quote=”Great space, plenty of car parking and everything worked. We were well looked after and made to feel very welcome. Great value for money. Thank you and we would book again.” tab_id=”1562852723192-2″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723232-9″ name=”John Harrison” quote=”Open Space rooms are a breath of fresh air and absolutely ideal for our training workshops – flexible space, great facilities and catering and, importantly, a fantastic helpful and friendly team who made us and our delegates feel really welcome – thank you” tab_id=”1562852723233-2″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723279-4″ name=”Ms Yardley” quote=”We run our training all around the midlands. Open Space was by far the best venue in all respects, i.e. most professional, preparation and set up excellent, most pleasant surroundings and catering provision.” tab_id=”1562852723280-5″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723320-3″ name=”Simon W” quote=”Fantastic new venue near Worcester & Hereford. Highly recommended for Meetings, Conferences, Jelly, Co-working, Talks, Networking, just about any Business gathering event. Relaxed, friendly & professional, near Worcester. Well worth a visit to chat to Sarah Stewart.” tab_id=”1562852723321-0″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723360-5″ name=”Sarah B” quote=”What a fabulous venue for meetings, hot-desking, training facilities, conferences etc. The building is bright, airy and set in the gorgeous village of Leigh Sinton with the Malvern Hills in the background. I would definitely recommend you visit Open Space Rooms and consider it as a venue for your next event!” tab_id=”1562852723361-7″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723412-4″ name=”Signs Express” quote=”Ultra modern rooms in a relaxed & stunning environment. I would strongly recommend Open Space” tab_id=”1562852723413-7″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723458-2″ name=”Clare W” quote=”Open Space Meeting Rooms. A Great venue, friendly, helpful staff.” tab_id=”1562852723459-0″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723490-9″ name=”Alice J” quote=”Great meeting spaces with fantastic staff. Perfect for giving a professional edge to your business at a reasonable price.” tab_id=”1562852723491-4″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723524-5″ name=”Stuart A” quote=”I can’t praise Open Space Rooms enough, a brilliant venue for meetings, training courses and even hot-desking.” tab_id=”1562852723524-2″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723570-7″ name=”Laura H” quote=”Fabulous venue, refreshments are great, quirky crockery and wall decor made it feel very modern and special. Rooms easily moved around for different requirements (desks & chairs to open space for floor work (CPR during first aid course)) looking forward to attending future events there.” tab_id=”1562852723570-3″][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1562852723621-7″ name=”Tim W” quote=”By far the best meeting/office hire venue in the area. Facilities and booking flexibility are excellent. So easy to do business with.” tab_id=”1562852723621-6″][/testimonial_slider][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”20″][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”20″]