Why are Businesses Choosing a Virtual Office?

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Virtual Offices are a trend fast sweeping the nation. As working from home becomes more and more the norm, we ask – why are business owners choosing Virtual Offices?

  1. Privacy protection
  2. Professional face
  3. Gives space to grow
  4. Employ the best candidates
  5. Impress your clients

With a Virtual Office, you no longer need to take on the commitment of a physical office and all the administration that goes with it. Small businesses, start-ups and satellite offices don’t even always need physical space and that’s where Virtual Office become invaluable.

Working from home has plenty of benefits but also several drawbacks. One of the key difficulties is being able to maintain your work-life balance and protect your home from unsolicited callers/ mail.

In addition to protecting your privacy, the use of a virtual address is also a great way to provide a professional face for your business. Rightly or wrongly businesses can be judged by their address. With the ability to address check at the touch of button, the small investment in a virtual office allows you to both protect your home and be found at a trustworthy location when you are searched online.

Growing businesses can also benefit from the use of Virtual Office. The cumbersome change of address can be a time-consuming part of upsizing your business. Redirecting mail, informing suppliers and updating stationary can all seem an enormous waste of time.  With Virtual Office this can be a thing of the past. At Open Space your address stays the same no matter what, lowering costs and improving efficiency. Companies who use a Virtual Office can grow at a much more organic pace when there is far less consideration for office space and equipment, resulting in less risky expansions. Also, because Open Space provides quality fully inclusive serviced office’s if and when you are ready for a physical space your virtual address can become your physical address.

A Virtual Offices also allow for a more diverse pool of talent. Now you can employ the best candidates from all over the world in a way that meets the personal needs of everyone involved, instead of relying on people who live in a commutable distance. National companies can also open satellite offices and can cast their net with regional sites without large overheads. This practice allows people who live in rural areas (for example Worcestershire and Herefordshire), new parents, people with disabilities and entrepreneurs to find a role that suits them without having to relocate. Working from home can also allow people to work at their own pace, providing flexibility which can result in more efficient working.

Furthermore, a professional business address with stylish meeting rooms is sure to impress when it’s time to meet your clients or train your staff. When your clients search your business, do you want them to see a residential address or a newly renovated building with ample parking and a website to match? Here at Open Space we provide not only well equipped and professional meeting spaces, but also refreshments and buffets and our friendly staff are guaranteed to make a good impression.

Virtual Offices, such as those provided by Open Space, are the future of both start-up businesses and those already well established. As technology continues to develop the need for employees to physically be in their place of work is not always so important, making the need for huge offices a thing of the past. Your business can be more competitive, more efficient and more profitable – with Open Space Virtual Offices.

Get in touch with us today at info@openspacerooms.co.uk or visit our website at https://openspacerooms.co.uk/virtual-office-2/

WINN worcestershire networking at open space rooms

Open Space proud to host the WINN Great Things Event

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On 16th May 2018 Open Space proudly hosted the Malvern WINN ‘Great Things’ Event inviting local businesses to share, discover, collaborate and grow together.

What is WINN?

WINN brings innovators together, acting as a catalyst to create connections and collaborations across the diverse business landscape of Worcestershire. WINN is a Worcestershire Innovation Programme formed by Worcestershire County Council and the Worcestershire LEP.

WINN believes that great things happen when people get together. which is why the great things event had 2 main aims: 

  1. Share and promote the innovative activities that are being delivered in the region and;
  2. Discuss ‘hot topics’ that are on people’s minds.


On the 16th May we shared an evening of great ideas, food and networking and heard some incredible and inspiring talks:

  • Idea creation: Blue Moon Creative;
  • Intellectual Property: Indelible IP;
  • Collaboration and connections: WINN;
  • Funding: Midlands Engine, British Business Bank
  • International Growth: Supporting International Growth & Development

To find out more and to attend future events please visit the WINN website here.

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What matters most to our clients when hiring a meeting room?

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We asked our clients what matters the most to them when hiring a meeting room…. you might be surprised…or maybe not!

  1. Flexibility

This refers to both the space and the service. Not all meetings need a boardroom, sometimes you need to have your guests in teams or have more space for mingling or activities – meeting space needs to be flexible because every meeting is different.

2. Great food 

There is one thing everyone always remember – good coffee and great food! whether it is lunch time catering or breakfast baps on arrival – good food with a great selection can make or break a meeting.

3. Climate control 

Being able to open a window or being able to control your open AC is top of the list on especially hot days. No-one wants their guests or colleagues to be too hot (or cold) its very distracting and can create a very unpleasant day for everyone.

4. Easy to use presentation equipment

There is nothing worse than having attendees turning up whilst you are mid-panic trying to connect up! Imagine being a trainer and turning up and finding there aren’t the correct cables or that you can’t seem to turn the screen on. next on the list is having computer savvy staff and to have the right cables on hand. You never know what laptops will turn up so to provide top meeting space preparation is key.

5. Onsite parking 

Being able to park for FREE right next to the venue is high on everyone’s list. It reduces the chance of attendees getting lost, or being late AND everyone is in a good mood because their journey was easy and hassle free – what a great start to the day!


Any of these surprise you? 

Do you have any other key requirements for meeting space??? let us know! 


Top 5 reasons our clients have Virtual Office with Open Space

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Virtual Office is a cost effective and flexible way to work from home, expand or reduce costs whilst still projecting a professional local presence.

See below the Top 5 reasons our clients have Virtual Office with Open Space: 

1. Protect your home

Virtual Office both provides a professional face for your business and protects your home from unsolicited callers and post. In addition many of our clients use an Open Space Virtual Office to separate their work – home life. No work calls or visitors out of hours helps them to keep everything more balanced.

2. Location Location Location

With an Open Space Virtual Office, you can claim a location for your business without physicality setting up an office. This can be extremely beneficial if you want your company to appear on google maps and provides a more powerful search presence.

3. We deal with your mail & even your calls if you wish

Do you miss lots of calls and packages because you are out visiting clients? Are you sick of using your personal number and home address for work? Outsource your mail and/or call handling to us and improve your peace of mind. Have your own dedicated landline number and choose mail handling or a forwarding system to suit your needs. We will sign for parcels and keep them safe and even answer your calls when you are too busy.

4. Flexible contract

An Open Space Virtual Office is flexible to suit you. With a rolling contract option you can use our services for as long or as little as you need them. Alternatively you can choose a longer contract which help keep costs even lower.

5. Discounted facilities and room hire  

All businesses whether they work from home or not will likely need physical space at some point to host meetings. With Open Space Virtual Office you have discounted access to high tech professional business spaces dedicated to all types of meetings, training and events. These are available on a discounted pay-as-you-go basis for all Virtual Office clients. Run your meetings with us and benefit from onsite parking, WiFi, AC, flip charts, catering and presentation equipment.

There you have top 5 reasons an Open Space Virtual Office helps our clients … contact us if you think it could help you too!