What matters most to our clients when hiring a meeting room?

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We asked our clients what matters the most to them when hiring a meeting room…. you might be surprised…or maybe not!

  1. Flexibility

This refers to both the space and the service. Not all meetings need a boardroom, sometimes you need to have your guests in teams or have more space for mingling or activities – meeting space needs to be flexible because every meeting is different.

2. Great food 

There is one thing everyone always remember – good coffee and great food! whether it is lunch time catering or breakfast baps on arrival – good food with a great selection can make or break a meeting.

3. Climate control 

Being able to open a window or being able to control your open AC is top of the list on especially hot days. No-one wants their guests or colleagues to be too hot (or cold) its very distracting and can create a very unpleasant day for everyone.

4. Easy to use presentation equipment

There is nothing worse than having attendees turning up whilst you are mid-panic trying to connect up! Imagine being a trainer and turning up and finding there aren’t the correct cables or that you can’t seem to turn the screen on. next on the list is having computer savvy staff and to have the right cables on hand. You never know what laptops will turn up so to provide top meeting space preparation is key.

5. Onsite parking 

Being able to park for FREE right next to the venue is high on everyone’s list. It reduces the chance of attendees getting lost, or being late AND everyone is in a good mood because their journey was easy and hassle free – what a great start to the day!


Any of these surprise you? 

Do you have any other key requirements for meeting space??? let us know! 


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